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Ric recently cleaned all the carpets in my home. I was amazed how the color of the carpets was brought back to life. They no longer have that dull and worn-down look. They look as good as when they were first installed 11 years ago. Even though my carpets didn't "look" very dirty, I knew there were trapped pollutants and dust mites embedded in the fibers. After the thorough and painstaking cleaning that Ric performed, my entire house smells fresh and clean. I can tell
the difference because I have asthma and I am now able to breathe so much easier. Now that I know that there are great health benefits to professional carpet cleaning, I'll be calling Ric every year to schedule his excellent services.
Karen N., of Harrisburg
The owner of All Decked out came to our house at the agreed upon time and gave us an estimate. We agreed to the price which was very fair. They came on time and did an outstanding job. They even exceeded our expectations. This is the way that it is suppose to happen! We will be regular customers from now on. Thank you. A happy carpet cleaning service customer.
Rob S., New Cumberland
I never thought our carpets could get back to looking like new, but Ric’s team was able to do it!

All Decked Out is professional, courteous, on time and most importantly, the carpets look brand new!
A happy carpet cleaning service customer.
Tony S., Harrisburg Hilton Hotel

 Our Ten (10) Step Process for Cleaning your Carpets:  

1.    Inspection of carpeting for fabric type, wearing, soils, stains or existing damages.

2.    Commercial grade vacuuming.

3.    Pre-spray using a formulated cleaner specific to your carpet and soils.

4.    Spot treatment of particular spots or stained areas; however, we make “no guarantees” to completely removing stains.

5.    Hot water steam extraction that neutralizes and rinses the carpeting. We use a portable commercial “Gold” rated two stage vacuum with up to 500 PSI hot water steam rinse extraction.

6.    Optional application of extra carpet protection treatment.

7.    Optional application of fresh scent deodorizer.

8.    Grooming the carpets by raking in addition application add on product and to aid
in faster drying plus removes foot prints, and tool stroke patterns.

9.    Replace any moved items and use protection pads under feet of items that may damage either the item or the carpeting.

10.  Post inspection and customer follow-up.


Our carpets have never been professionally cleaned since we built our house in 2001.
We have a new Grandson thats plays and crawls on the floor and wanted to make sure the carpets were clean. With a Basset Hound and two cats cleaning was definitely overdue.
I contacted Ric Caylor of "All Decked Out Services" to do the job because we used his company before to clean the exterior of our house and were very happy with his work. I gave Ric the square footage of the areas I needed cleaned and he gave me a price over the phone which I thought was fair and told him to schedule the job.
The day before he was scheduled to clean the carpets I had an unexpected meeting at work and could not be at home. I called Ric and explained the situation and he was very accommodating and was was willing to work around my schedule. There is not many companies that are willing to do this!
So we rescheduled, and on the day of the cleaning Ric showed up on time and proceeded to clean the carpets.
I had moved all the light objects off the carpet even though Ric said it was not necessary that he could do it.
Ric was very careful when moving the heavier furniture and putting it back again that nothing was marked or damaged.
Ric did an amazing job cleaning our carpets! They look like new again!
Thanks Ric!
Mike Christ, Angie's List Customer


Why is Routine Carpet Cleaning Recommended by the Carpet Industry?

Improved Air Quality 

Carpet cleaning contributes to your family’s health by eliminating trapped pollutants such as: bacteria, dirt, abrasive materials, clearing out dust mites and to help prevent mold growth.   

Extend Life span

The Number 1 cause for carpeting looking faded, worn and flattened is gritty soil, grease and oils.  These pollutants cause the fibers to cake and mat together and become compressed loosing it’s original form. Gritty soils become abrasive cutting and wearing down the fibers to a dull, lifeless, looking rug. 

Rejuvented Carpeting

Carpet cleaning refreshes the look and feel of the carpet fibers.  After a cleaning the fibers are recharged, vibrant, and restored to a like new condition once again. 


The beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives.  Quality carpet that is well-maintained should last 10-15 years.  Proper cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality and help you adhere to your carpet warranties. Maintaining your carpet also protects your pocketbook and the environment.  The right cleaning helps safeguard your carpet investment by keeping you from having to replace it before its time.  That is great news because it also keeps carpet out of landfills prematurely. 


I can't express how pleased we were with your services. You made our carpets look like new! Thank you again for all of your hard work. I will definitely forward your name if I know of someone needing the same services. Thanks again!
Paul Yeager
FORMEX Business Printing






They provide me personal housecleaning and carpet cleaning.
They have been wonderful. They have been with me for 18 months now.
A happy carpet cleaning service customer.
Jack F., Angie's List customer


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